Wellbeing Support

The health, well-being and safety of all our students is a key priority for everyone who is part of the LGGS community.

Through our Personal Development curriculum, students are encouraged to be proactive about establishing a healthy lifestyle and good routines for self-care, so that they are well placed to face the inevitable challenges of growing up. Our Sixth Form students also lead assemblies for the younger students to guide them with ways in which they can look after their own mental health as well as being kind and supportive to others in our school community.

There may be times when students are struggling with anxiety or low mood, with issues related to sleep or eating or they may have experienced bereavement. We encourage them to talk to a member of staff about any of these issues, but if school is closed or if they do not feel ready to talk about things in school they should take a look at this comprehensive directory of excellent online resources for young people and their families.