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Sixth Form Curriculum

Our curriculum is a broad and varied one that can be further personalised to meet the needs of individuals. 

We have a core curriculum of A-Levels that are considered to be the ‘Gold Standard’ by the top universities and employers. 

These subjects will allow you to move on to study a huge range of further degree options and careers. Our A-Level curriculum is then further enhanced by the opportunity to take enrichment and wellbeing options. Through enrichment you can gain additional qualifications, such as EPQ or Level 3 Maths, or build your CV more widely through other choices.

Our Sixth Form is unique as it provides students with a weekly wellbeing option. We are supporting students to develop healthy habits for the future, and they value the chance to unwind with peers. 

The curriculum is then supported by a huge programme of extra-curricular and leadership opportunities and also by Personal Development education. We are supporting our students to become well rounded individuals who stand out from the crowd and who are ready to face the challenges of tomorrow. 



Our A-level Department Pages are currently being updated: