Work Experience

Work Experience Week for Year 12 students takes place in the week beginning 13th May 2024.

Our aim is that all Year 12 students spend a week out of school in a working environment that aligns with their ambitions for the future.

We are committed to all our students having the best possible opportunities during Work Experience week, not just those who already have a good network of contacts, so we are reaching out to the entire LGGS community to ask if you would be happy for one of our Year 12 students to spend a week in the place where you work. If you, or anyone you know, would be happy to offer one week of work experience to one or more of our Year 12 students during this week then please can you let us know by completing the short Form in the link below.

We use the Unifrog portal to support our students in preparing for their work experience and for all the administrative aspects of the placement.

During the week, students will reflect on their experiences in the working environment and they will keep a journal to record what they are learning. This reflection will help them when they come to make applications for university or apprenticeships during Year 13.

Our students have a diverse range of interests and aspirations, and we are hoping to be able to match that with the placements we are able to offer them.

Online form to complete for Work Experience Provider