House System

The House System provides a competitive spirit between students which is demonstrated through Inter-House competitions, including the Performing Arts Festival, Sports Day and Music Festival.

Students are sorted into their House in first year and remain affiliated with their House for the rest of their school career.

House captains are also involved in fundraising initiatives to support local and national charities.

The House System is a great way to integrate new students who are able to use the system to build on friendships with peers from different forms and year groups.

The four Houses are named after the twin towns of Lancaster and each House is represented by a colour.

You can read more about our Houses below:

Aalborg is a Danish city and the House colour is blue. The staff member responsible for Aalborg is J. Clapham.

The Student Leadership Team for Aalborg 2024 - 2025
House Captain Siri Ram
Deputy House Captain Sophie Legge                                                            
Games Captain Prerna Chauhan
Deputy Games Captain Lyla Toohey
Charity Irum Poli
Welcome to Aalborg!

Whilst my time at LGGS, being a member of Aalborg has given me the opportunity to make incredible memories throughout the 7 years. The house system at school allows us to be part of a strong community and I couldn’t be prouder of being head of the Aalborg family.

Many of the highlights of school life include the house events. These events have brought about many friendships between different forms as well as between different year groups, bringing us together as a house. Events such as Performing Arts Festival and Sports Day brings out the competitive spirit throughout the school and is an amazing opportunity for our girls to show off their many talents - often leading us to victory. During recent times, the pandemic has made it difficult for such events to take place, however it is more important now than ever before to keep our house spirit high and I encourage all of our girls to take part in the many of the opportunities I am sure will come.  Aalborg is well known for being one of the most caring and generous houses, and I am looking forward to working with the house team this year to continue our success when raising money for our local charity, St John’s Hospice. 

To all the members of Aalborg, I hope this year is full of fun and laughter. Although the circumstances may be different, I am sure you will continue to make the best memories and enjoy your time in Aalborg!

Captain of Aalborg House.

Lublin is a Polish city and the House colour is yellow.
The staff member responsible for Lublin House is D. Ogle. 

The Student Leadership Team for Lublin 2024 - 2025
House Captain  Ami Master
Deputy House Captain Isla Gordon                                                   
Games Captain  Swathiga Sathiyaraaj
Deputy Games Captain  Lena McLean
Charity Ellie O'Hare
Welcome to Lublin!

I am extremely grateful and honoured to be given the opportunity to be Lublin House Captain and represent my house through many amazing activities in school. Lublin is a safe place for students to make new friends, work together and take part in exciting opportunities.

At LGGS there are many house events including Performing Arts Festival, Music Festival, Interhouse Sports and Sports day. They are all amazing opportunities that welcome students of all years and abilities to work together to represent their house. These events are highlights of the school year and allow the houses to engage in healthy competition.

As we are living through the Pandemic, we are unfortunately unable to compete or perform as we usually would, but Lublin will still continue be successful in other ways. These include year group sports days, charity events and Interhouse competitions. I am excited to work with students of all year groups, whether that is online or in person. I am looking forward to seeing the participation of younger students in events and the forming of new, long lasting friendships that will make up the Lublin community. This year may be different to previous years at LGGS, but will still be one of the most exciting and memorable ones we have had yet.

Captain of Lublin House.

Perpignan is a French city and the House colour is green.
The staff member responsible for Perpignan House is J. Foster.

The Student Leadership Team for Perpignan 2024-25
House Captain Liana Phizackerley
Deputy House Captain Hanin Niematallah
Games Captain Afreen Tailor
Deputy Games Captain Farwa Ali
Charity Khadija Essa
Welcome to Perpignan!

Here, we strive to nurture and encourage all students in our big family. Despite developing a reputation as the underdog (or under-pig!), our team spirit, talent and enthusiasm have carried us through to success many times. In Performing Arts Festival 2019, we came joint second overall and our pocket musical (directed by yours truly!) achieved 10/10 - I'm sure I speak for all the sixth formers involved when I say it was so rewarding watching everyone gain confidence in their ability. Although we didn't get a Music Festival or a Sports Day this year, we've come back better than ever and ready to show everyone what we're made of in the next House events! I know Perpignan's dedication and work ethic will help us to achieve great things this year. Don't hesitate to drop me an email if you need advice on anything at all. Go Greens!

Captain of Perpignan House.

Rendsburg is a German city and the House colour is red.
The staff member responsible for Rendsburg House is B. Hall. 

The Student Leadership Team for Rendsburg 2024-2025
House Captain Faatimah Mehtajee
Deputy House Captain Amani Voruganti
Games Captain              Emily Taylor                                                 
Deputy Games Captain  Steffy Siby
Charity Gigi Golhar
Welcome to Rendsburg!

I am very excited to be taking on the role of House Captain this year and I feel truly proud to be able to represent a House as wonderfully diverse and talented as Rendsburg.

I’ve been involved in many Performing Arts Festivals, Music Festivals, inter house competitions and sports days throughout my time at LGGS and I can say with certainty that the feeling of community, and sense of cohesion that exists here are never displayed more strongly than during these events. One of my favourite memories of lower school, and a story I love to tell, is when I played Elle Woods in the production of ‘Legally Blonde’ for PAF. Somehow, I ended up walking through town with spray dyed grey hair, wearing pink, diamond studded high heels and then appearing on video in front of the entire school with a giant blonde wig on. I won’t lie - winning was the best part of the experience; the hugs and the tears afterwards, from the sheer joy of pulling off a play we’d spent so long perfecting.

I had never done any acting before, but the supportive environment of Rendsburg made it possible for me to overcome the challenges that came with playing the lead role, allowing me to grow individually, and create memories I'll never forget. That is what makes me feel incredibly proud, and grateful, to be both a member of Rendsburg and LGGS.

I recognise that this year, it is especially important to revive the house pride that has been somewhat diminished due to the pandemic. It is now my job to encourage every member of Rendsburg to take all of the opportunities presented to them over the coming year and to create an environment where they can try new things and overcome their own challenges. I am dedicated to ensuring that everyone feels they can get involved in our house activities, because as much as Rendsburg loves to win, we really just want to showcase the amazing variety of talent our house has to offer, whether our students have discovered it yet or not.

I am also happy to announce our new house charity - Team Rees. The House Team and I wanted to support a local charity, and we found Team Rees to be a particularly deserving cause that we’re all super excited to raise as much money as possible for.
Finally, I’d like to thank the rest of my House Team for all the hard work they have, and will be doing over the next year. I hope that I’ll be able to make this year a special one, and make each member of Rendsburg feel as much a part of this family as I do.

Captain of Rendsburg House.