Pastoral Team

Our pastoral team help ensure the emotional, social and academic wellbeing of the pupils. 

The team includes Form Tutors who are the first point of contact. If necessary, Heads of Year or Pastoral Leaders will also provide support which is overseen by the SLT link for each year group. 

In addition to this, we work closely with external agencies and can work with or arrange support as needed. 

We also offer a range of counselling, listening and support services utilising the specialist skills of our pastoral staff, counsellors and health services if appropriate. 

Year Group Head of Year SLT Link
Year 7 Mrs Mason Mr Beard
Year 8 Miss Sharples Mr Flory
Year 9 Mrs Mason Mrs Hutchison
Year 10 Mr Drulia Miss Bellin
Year 11 Mrs Singleton Mr Green
Year 12 Mrs Whitehouse Ms Dobson
Year 13 Miss Allen Ms Dobson