Independent Learning

Independent Learning or Homework is a key feature of life at LGGS. The nature of tasks varies considerably between departments to allow students a breadth of home / independent learning experience.

We do not operate a strict homework timetable as there will be times when it is not appropriate to set homework for a particular subject. In Year 7 homework is set by each subject.  The core subjects of Science, Maths and English may give up to two sets of 20 minutes homework per week or one 40 minute homework. Other subjects will set no more than 20 minutes per week.  Homework will not be set for the following day.

In Years 8-9, homework is set by each subject. Subjects which have three lessons a week set two homework pieces per week and all other subjects set one. Attention is given to suitable deadlines to ensure that students have time to complete work to a high standard.

In Key Stage 4, homework is set regularly for Maths, English, Sciences and Option Subjects and may include consolidation exercises, past paper questions or revision for tests/examinations.