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LGGS History Curriculum Intent Statement 

History by its very nature is a subject that promotes an objective view of society.
It encourages young people to notice, take an empathetic approach to the world around them, considering other perspectives and the long-term consequences of actions on a personal, local, national and international level. Students are taught to value the world around them and embrace difference by understanding why things have happened the way they do and may happen the way they do. Citizenship, identity, diversity and empathy are cornerstones of our subject and indeed form one of the LGGS Ten Commandments. We regularly review our curriculum in the light of concerns and issues of the present e.g. recent review and rewriting of aspects of the Black Live Matters protests in 2020. 

Through exposure to broad areas of history our KS3-5 curriculum allows students to learn and reflect upon aspects of the Medieval, Early Modern and Modern eras as well as local and international content; political, economic, social and cultural approaches to the past.
Students are well prepared to understand the archive of human endeavour and to find their place in this. They are exposed to the ‘best’ and ‘worst’ that has been thought, written, said and done, and from this they can make their own informed choices. Within our department we encourage a personal interest in history outside the classroom through the LGGS History Society (including 3-5 guest academic speakers a year), ‘Above and Beyond’ Summer Discussion Groups (Year 12), activities, whole school promotion of historical foci and events e.g. Black History Month, International Women’s Day, and Remembrance Assemblies. There are regular opportunities for students to become involved with in-school, local and national competitions. Staff and students are often involved in projects and collaborations with local and national bodies e.g. Lancaster Black History Group Family Trees research, Parallel Histories, Global Link etc. 

We have good links with many prestigious higher education providers including Lancaster University, Sheffield University and UCL.
Unusually for many schools we encourage independent coursework question choice at A level that allows a vibrant student led learning route which is academically outstandingly successful, and prepares students very well for higher education. We have also seen regular success at the very top end of essay competitions, with students being highly commended and winning prizes in international essay competitions. History is often the most popular UCAS course with LGGS students and we always see a high percentage of students going on to read the subject at the most prestigious universities. On average 2-3 students leave to study History at Oxbridge in each academic year. A wide-ranging Key Stage 3 curriculum challenges pupils to reflect on and adapt their own preconceptions of the past, the nature and meaning(s) of history. Our curriculum is also heavily skills and concepts focused, as well as content and knowledge focused, tightly linked and built around the LGGS History Ten Commandments. We have a long and strong track record of producing impressive results, especially at the highest levels (L9 and A*), at GCSE and A-level. 

GCSE Exam Board: AQA - History B:
Specification 8145

A-level Exam Board: AQA - History  
Specification 2042

History A-level

We study two units in addition to a (NEA) coursework unit.

1C The Tudors: England, 1984-1603
2O, Democracy & Nazism: Germany, 1918-1945

If you require any further details, please contact:
Mr Yearnshire, Head of History

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