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Our vision is that the curriculum provided to the students, through high quality teaching and learning, will inspire a passion for creativity and lifelong learning.

Our curriculum ensures that all students are supported and challenged through a range of interesting projects which build upon the skills taught. We want to inspire the students at LGGS to have a love for the subject and we provide a positive learning environment where pupils feel safe and supported. We aim to ignite a spark which can be taken through to later life, skills such as patience, high and deeper level thinking, a good work ethic, persistence and vision as well as confidence in their own artistic practice.  We aim to break down the barriers that suggest you must draw to be successful in Art and Design. We hope to instil within the students that creativity and imagination is key to a successful art journey.
In our curriculum we encourage students to develop their creativity. Using their perceptions and their imagination they explore visual, tactile and other sensory experiences to communicate their unique ideas. We explore a wide range of media including textiles, painting, and sculpture and installation art, to name a few.
The students work with new and traditional media realising skills and techniques which develops their skills, confidence and independence in learning. By engaging in purposeful creative activities students learn to take risks and develop an understanding of how fine art, design and craft will enrich their lives, now and in the future. The students are challenged in every lesson to try something new and to broaden their expectations and ideas.

Projects across all key stages are aimed at understanding, respecting and engaging with their local environment and other cultural traditions.  While themes in the projects aim to appreciate and value images and artefacts across time and cultures, students learn to apply research and investigative skills to art, craft and design. Through exploring and sharing ideas in the projects we aim to promote an enterprising culture, which develops the students’ ability to work in different roles in teams. This then increases the confidence in the student’s feelings of self-worth.
We challenge the students to be in charge of their own learning and problem solve through the key stages. At KS4&5 the students are encouraged to research, develop and experiment with ideas which lead to a personal response. They are encouraged to make mistakes, take risks and solve problems within their work.

Students contribute to the wider life of school by displaying work in exhibitions throughout the school year as well as running and taking part in societies and clubs. They attend a variety of trips and partake in a range of artist projects such as Light Up Lancaster.
We aim to model good practice and allow our passion as teachers to feed through to our students. Through excitement, knowledge and being aware of what is happening in the art world we allow the students to join with us in the appreciation and understanding of Art & Design.

If you require any further details, please contact:
Mrs Claire Nickell, Head of Art

GCSE Exam Board: AQA Art: 
Specification 8201-8206

A level GCE Exam Board: AQA: Specification 7201

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