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Unavoidable School Closure

School closure

In the event of bad weather I would like to remind parents of our Unavoidable School Closure Policy. 

Every effort will be made to keep school open at all times, but regard to children’s safety must take precedence.  If an event arises that results in the decision being made to close the school, the following procedure will apply.

  1. The local situation will be monitored by the school.  Advice from the police and local bus and train companies will be sought.  The school will respond to their advice.
  2. Pupils will be informed of the need to close the school.  Members of senior staff will brief each year group in Years 7 to 11 on the arrangements for the closure and help them make arrangements to get home. Sixth form will be dismissed from their classes.
  3. Pupils will be allowed to leave school once they have talked to a parent about arrangements for going home.
  4. After-school events: clubs, detention, Parents’ Evenings will be postponed.
  5. Where adverse weather is forecast, pupils should be suitably clothed, with appropriate footwear.

Please have an action plan organised in advance if the school were to close part way through the day, in terms of where your daughter should go.

In the event of school closure and on subsequent days

A decision will be made as early as possible either the evening before or first thing in the morning (before 7.30 am), as to whether the school should remain open or be closed. In the event of closure messages will be:

• Broadcast on Heart FM Radio (96.9/102.3 & 103.2FM)

• School answer phone

• Published on the school website

We have a twitter account that can inform of school closure, as sometimes the school website can be very slow if a lot of parents are trying to access it at the same time. 
This is

Parents are also reminded of the school Moodle which would be used to set work for students if the school had to close for a period of time.

Hopefully we will have a snow-free term but it would be helpful if parents of the younger students in particular, have talked about their arrangements if we had to close early.


Unavoidable School Closure Date  
Unavoidable School Closure Policy 06th Nov 2018 Download
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