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Maths at LGGS

In Mathematics, new knowledge builds from existing foundations. Pupils are presented with opportunities to consider and discuss new concepts and techniques, common misconceptions and problem-solving approaches both in pairs and with their whole class. It’s important to feel free to make, and learn from, mistakes and to ask questions to clarify points of procedure or to extend and broaden conceptual knowledge. Students are encouraged to share and explain their understanding with peers. Sixth-form students organise and run a whole school Maths Club. Learning platforms such as DrFrost, MathsPad and MathsWatch are made available to encourage students to take responsibility for their learning and to facilitate independent study.

The maths curriculum is designed to invigorate and offer multiple challenges.  As a department we firmly believe there should be a nurturing feel in the classroom, yet a willingness to extend students’ mathematical knowledge.  Our maths teachers pride themselves in getting to know their students as individuals. We provide tailored lessons which include differentiated tasks, stretch and challenge activities. In addition, we encourage students to have a relational knowledge of the content learnt by using challenging questions in lessons, broadening the students’ understanding which in turn builds their confidence to tackle harder maths problems and questions. At LGGS we have many students who are aiming for the highest possible outcomes in maths. Our teaching is inclusive for all learners; offering appropriate challenge for each individual student and regular opportunities for retrieval and retention. In addition to the challenge of classroom lessons, the UK Mathematics Trust provide three national challenges each year, which provides opportunities for LGGS students to engage with a high level of maths outside of the curriculum.

We know that for every student to recognise their mathematical potential, and also enjoy their learning of mathematics, that they need to feel safe to explore their understanding, both in lessons and in their independent learning. We ensure that classroom environment is one where every student feels valued and respected and that there is no such thing as a ‘stupid question’, whether this be in Year 7 or in a Year 13 Further Maths class. Through our teaching, we emphatically promote that it is normal to get things wrong sometimes. When this happens, the students know that we care that they develop their understanding through exploring their misconceptions, seeing them as a learning opportunity. This ethos permeates across all year groups, and we are particularly proud of our student mentors who mentor so thoughtfully the younger, less confident students. We recognise that students join LGGS from a variety of backgrounds and we take great care in Year 7 to bring all new students up to the point where they will feel comfortable and confident to extend their mathematical learning at a more advanced level as they progress through the school.

GCSE Exam Board: Edexcel: Specification 1MA1

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Maths GCSE Learning Journey

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Mrs N Williams, Head of Mathematics.

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