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German is not as difficult as you may think!
You may think that the word order can be a little weird but even if you do not know German you can probably understand every word in the following list: Haus, Garten, Butter, Sinken, Adresse, Hobby, Student, Bier.....

Germans invented techno.
Germans have contributed to the world in all sorts of areas over the years. How many of these famous names do you know: Schumacher, Siemens, Beethoven, Daimler-Benz, Einstein?

German is as important a language as English.
English may be spoken by more people world-wide, but German has more speakers in Europe. There are 81 million speakers in Germany, 7.5 in Austria, 4.2 million in Switzerland, 372,000 in Luxembourg and 15,000 in Liechtenstein. Germany is a major economic and political power in Europe and contributes more than any other country to the EU budget.

Outside the classroom
The department believes firmly in the importance of promoting the culture of a country as well as and alongside the study of its language. To this end, pupils have the opportunity to attend theatre visits, cinema visits and other cultural experiences. There are also regular visits and exchanges during the academic year, including a visit to a partner school in Bergisch Gladbach and a shared visit with the History department to Berlin.

If you require any further details, please contact:
Ms Whitehouse, Head of Languages

GCSE German Exam Board:
AQA German: Specification 8668

KS3 German Overviews

GCSE Year 10 Long Term Plan

Year 12 Long Term Plan

Year 13 Long Term Plan

A-level German

German Exchange Blogs

Useful Links

In addition to the links on the MFL page, the following websites are German specific and provide excellent resources for pupils to extend their understanding outside of the classroom:


An excellent English to German vocabulary website

Topic based revision for GCSE including listening & reading exercises

Use this website to access past GCSE papers for your reading and listening examinations.

Authentic German spoken at a slow pace by a native speaker. Great to hone those listening skills.

Authentic German equivalent of Newsround. - German News

Authentic German newspaper.


Games and exercises for Years 7-11.

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