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In the French department we aim to enthuse our pupils not just about the French language but also about French art, history, cinema, cuisine, music and literature.

We adopt a rigorous approach to grammar whilst encouraging pupils to become increasingly independent in their learning of the language. Pupils are encouraged to access online dictionary fora, twitter feeds and news apps, connecting with France and learning about the culture while improving their language skills. In lessons, we aim to speak French as much as possible and we use a wide range of resources and activities: from Year 7 where pupils use French to make a “croque monsieur” in their Food Technology lessons or Year 9 where pupils watch a French film through to Year 13 where pupils study a 17th century French play. French can be a very challenging language at times, but it can also be immense fun to learn.

If you require any further details, please contact:
Ms Whitehouse, Head of Languages

KS3 French Overviews

KS4 French Overviews​A-level French

Outside of the classroom

All pupils in Year 7 are invited to take part in our annual short trip to Northern France. Not only is this a wonderful opportunity for our pupils to try out the French they have been learning in class, it is also a chance to visit a chocolate factory, a snail farm and a museum about the battle of Agincourt. There is always a cross-curricular project to complete but the emphasis is very much on having fun and working together.

Older pupils have the chance to take part in our annual French exchange. This is organised jointly with Lancaster Royal Grammar School and we link up with two schools not far from Lyon. During the exchange, pupils experience life in a typical French lycée and also visit museums, art galleries and other points of interest in and around Lyon. Many pupils keep in touch with their exchange partners and the friendships forged during the exchange continue to flourish for many years.

Useful Links

In addition to the links on the MFL page, the following websites are French specific and provide excellent resources for pupils to extend their understanding outside of the classroom:

All Key Stages
Basic grammar and vocabulary games for all levels in French.
A website full of revision materials and past papers for all levels.

French TV

French radio stations
French-speaking newspapers & magazines
A Level Grammar
Explanations and self-correcting practice exercises on the “Tex’s French grammar” website.
A useful French verb congujator.

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