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In-year Entry to LGGS

Lancaster Girls’ Grammar School is popular and usually oversubscribed.  This means that the School is normally full in all year groups although, occasionally, space will arise due to family relocation or change of school. If you would like to make an application you are welcome to do so. However, please ensure that if you are looking to move schools you have talked to your current school. If a school move is not absolutely essential, you should carefully consider the implications for your child.

If your child is unhappy in their current school for whatever reason, you should first contact the Headteacher and discuss the problems before changing schools. School transfer can be very disruptive for any child and it is not encouraged if the problem can be resolved by the school. 

More advice about in year admissions can be found below:

Changing schools during the school year
You can also seek advice from the Pupil Access Team: North Area Education Office - Lancashire County Council

All applicants are expected to sit admission tests to assess suitability. The In-Year Registration Form for the tests is available to download below:
In-year Admission Registration Form 
Please post the completed form directly to the school. 

Registration will close prior to the tests.


Autumn Tuesday 15th November 2022
Spring 2023 date to be advised
Summer 2023 date to be advised

Autumn dates are not applicable to Year 7 (2022 intake) as the LGGS Year 7 Waiting List remains in place for the autumn 2022 term. 

The tests seek to establish whether the applicant can sustain the pace of the school's classroom education and has sufficient knowledge and understanding to undertake the relevant year group's existing programmes of study. If you register for a Year 7 test in the autumn or spring term, it is likely the tests will be CAT4  (Cognitive Abilities Tests), otherwise our In Year admissions tests are in English and Mathematics. English is a response to prose fiction and an extended writing task. The Mathematics tests contain both calculator and non-calculator questions. It is based on the curriculum followed at LGGS for the relevant year group.

There is one testing opportunity for a year group - tests are usually 12 months apart.

Curriculum information can be accessed via the link below: 
Curriculum Information

It is likely that any suitable applicants will need to appeal. Please see the appeal information section on our website for further details. Appeal forms are available from the school. The last day for lodging appeal forms, following a refusal for a place mid-term, is 20 school days upon receipt of your letter of refusal. 

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