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Summer Work & Induction Day 2022

Sixth Form at LGGS

To all of our prospective Year 12 students we can’t wait for you to start with us in the Sixth Form at LGGS in September 2022. 

If you were with us for our Induction Day or were unable to join us, this web page summarises the key messages and will help you to plan the tasks you need to do complete to start your LGGS journey. 


New students to LGGS 

All students/parents joining LGGS in September will need to complete our Data Collection Form. Please use this link to do so, you will also find it on the website link. Please complete it by the 11th July.  Complete the Data Collection Form

For all students

How to enrol on the 25th August. 

Enrolment is for students who are currently in Year 11 at LGGS or applicants joining us from other schools, all students need to enrol in order to join us in September.
The instructions below apply to all students.

Once I have my results, when do I enrol? 
LGGS Enrolment Day is the Thursday 25th August, GCSE Results Day. The closing time for enrolment is 3pm. After 3pm we will begin to formally enrol students which includes removing students holding places at LGGS who have not enrolled by 3pm. Check your email for all you need to know about enrolment.

Please remember: 

There is a minimum requirement of five Grade 6s, or equivalent, at GCSE. Students must also have English Language at a minimum of Grade 4. You must achieve a Grade 6 in the subject you wish to study at A-level, or a similar GCSE subject if you have not studied this subject before.  To study A-level Sciences you must achieve a Grade 5 in GCSE Maths. 
To study Further Maths you must achieve a Grade 7 in GCSE Maths.

Subject Requirements for September 
For some subjects you will need to consider bringing some equipment for the start of term, this list will help you decide how that applies to you.

Subject Requirements

16-18 Bursary 
You can read about eligibility for and how to apply for the 16-18 Bursary.

Apply for the Bursary here 

Music Tuition
If you would like music tuition from September 2022, please visit the page on our website where you will find all the necessary information and forms to complete. 
At LGGS we have a thriving music tuition provision, with around 200 students learning an instrument/voice within school.  

Apply for Mussoc Tuition here

The start of term 
Year 12 start their academic year on the 5th September at 8.40am for registration.
All students should come to the Sixth Form Centre on Queen Street to be directed to their registration and start of the day. The first part of the morning will be dedicated to issuing timetables and making sure everyone knows where they are going for the day and what is expected of them. A level lessons will then begin. The day will end at the normal school time of 3:30pm.

Have a lovely summer everyone and we will see you in September. Don't forget to get that Summer Work done and to complete the Data Form if you are new to LGGS.

Summer Work 

For September you need to complete Summer Work for each of your A-level subject choices (please see below). You will notice there is some Enrichment Summer Work here too. Summer Work should be completed for your first A-level lesson in each subject in September. You can find all of the Summer Work below.

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