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UCAS 2024 Entry

Welcome to UCAS

Apply for 2024 Entry for LGGS Leavers

Even though you have now completed your education at LGGS we can still act as your referee and offer you support through your application.

The following guidance will take you through the sequence of steps needed to complete a strong, and most importantly, accurate UCAS application. Please follow the guidance below carefully.

  1. Email Mrs Stables at who will reply to you with useful resource and guidance packs to help you complete the application form. She will also send you the buzzword for your UCAS application. As a school leaver you can now, of course, email from your personal email account.

  2. Start your UCAS form by registering as a student at LGGS. This will allow us to see your application form electronically which in turn affords you clearer support. You should register when prompted under the category: ‘returning student’ and use the buzzword when asked to. Take a careful note of your UCAS unique identification code, passwords and identifying questions.

  3. The guidance pack that Mrs Stables sends you in her email will enable you to complete the form accurately. The UCAS helpline is also very useful for more complex queries. When speaking to UCAS they will need to identify you through your codes and identifying questions; always keep these safe.

  4. Your biggest task will be the Personal Statement. There is clear guidance for this in the guidance pack Mrs Stables will send you. It should be 4000 characters with spaces and no longer than 47 lines. Follow the guidance to achieve your first draft.

  5. When you have completed your first draft, using the guidance to structure the statement correctly email it to Ms Dobson who will edit the statement electronically. Ms Dobson's email is


  6. Once you are happy with the Personal Statement edits and have completed the application form, email Ms Dobson to let her know you are absolutely ready. Include in the email a list of what you are doing in your Gap Year so that the reference can be completed accurately. Do not pay for or send your application form yet.

  7. Ms Dobson will then complete your reference.

  8. Ms Dobson will then email you to check your availability for a phone call so that we can read you the reference. At this point you will be asked to make any necessary corrections to your application form and send it off.

  9. Please be aware that the finalising of the reference, reading it to you and making further adjustments can take several days so you should ensure you take this into consideration with your timings for making the application.

  10. As long as you have sent the application form through we will then attach the reference and send the completed application to UCAS.

    If you are expected to sit entrance exams for your chosen course and university it is your responsibility to check the location of these tests and the due date. Exams that can be sat at LGGS as a centre require you to register with us and complete an application form in early September.

    Please ensure you discuss this with Ms Dobson in your emails. Other exams involve you registering with a computerised testing centre, often a driving test centre.

    The final group of exams are those that will take place at the university during the interview process. It is your responsibility to take careful note of this and email Ms Dobson with your requirements.


  • Applications for all 2024 entry UCAS Undergraduate courses, except those with a 16th October 2023 deadline, should arrive at UCAS by 18:00 (UK time) on 31st January 2024.
  • The end of term is 22nd December 2023 and school returns from the Christmas holiday on the 8th January 2024.
  • Ms Dobson will not be available during the Christmas break to complete your application.
  • You should be aware of these term dates: Ms Dobson needs to be aware of your application no later than early December to ensure an on-time application.


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