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Tech 4 Learners Student Device Provision Programme for Year 7 - 2021-22

The ordering deadline has now passed and the portal is closed. 
Any family still wishing to join the programme will now need to contact: or

Lancaster Girls’ Grammar School are committed to providing the best learning experience for our students, and preparing them for the wider world outside of school. We strongly believe that this means providing pupils with access to technology.

We want to provide each and every pupil with their own personalised learning device which they can use at school and at home. We have partnered with Freedom Tech to launch the Tech 4 Learners 1:1 device programme.

Here you can find more information about the programme.  You can see the device in the video playing on this page and there is a link to our presentation and Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) which provide much more detail.

Year 7 families will have received a letter with details about the programme.



Information booklet - student device programmeLGGS Student Device - What will it look like?


What will it look like?:LGGS Student Device for Year 7 pupils


Ordering deadline

10th October 2021
First Direct Debit (confirming orders placed with Direct Debit): 25th October 2021
Order here via the Ordering Portal


Frequently Asked Questions


We hope you find the Questions and answers in this section useful. If you do have further queries, please get in touch.

RATIONALE: Why was the decision to introduce devices at LGGS?

Prior to Covid-19 LGGS had begun investigating the use of Education Technology (Edtech) in schools, working alongside DfE Edtech Demonstrator schools. We believe the current Covid 19 pandemic situation has fully demonstrated the enhancement to learning and the many opportunities that technology has opened up for research, collaboration, personalisation and student engagement. We have used Microsoft Office 365 and many other digital learning resources and tools successfully, which were invaluable during periods of remote learning. We surveyed pupils and spoke with teachers about the use of Edtech to support learning, involving them in device choice.   They told us of a growing desire to maximise its potential and that is why we are moving forward with helping every child to have their own device for learning which is seamlessly linked to our network. 

We have worked quickly to invest in a new school-wide wireless network and updated ICT infrastructure, which is now ready to allow students to use devices easily.  
A 1:1 device scheme provides individual access to a digital device for every student and enhances the learning experience that our students enjoy.  We are leading our students into a digital future, equipping them with the tools necessary to excel in a world where technology is at the forefront of every organisation. 

We would have preferred more time to introduce the idea to the parents of new Year 7 (2021), but we are ready to begin a scheme to enable 1:1 access to technology for its students and our new Year 7 will be the first to benefit. 

Are all students involved?

We are introducing our scheme to the parents of our new Year 7s so that we can grow 1:1 up through the school.  This will give everyone time to adapt to teaching, learning and assessment through Edtech and ensure that the devices really add value.  The next step after Year 7, will be to offer the scheme to the parents of Year 9s. 

What do parent Governors think about the scheme?

We have consulted with our Academic Governors Committee and Full Governing Body, regarding the development of the 1:1 scheme.  

They have been very supportive and can see how the use of digital devices in the classroom will support children to access their learning in many ways.  Our parent governors were extremely helpful in ensuring that the school considers all factors around payment plans, Internet safety and wellbeing of screen time. They were satisfied, that as a school, we have considered these areas. 

Why not an earlier launch?

Our teaching staff and IT team have been trialling various devices and have been working with computer retailers and scheme providers to source the device we believe will suit the needs of our students and our curriculum.  You may be aware from the news that there have been huge global supply chain challenges caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, and a shortage of devices and computer chips which is affecting the supply chain for laptops and devices, and which is inflating the price of electronic goods within the UK.  This has delayed the process, but we now have assurances that we can secure the devices we need in time to implement our planned programme later in the Autumn Term. 

This scheme is part of our longer-term strategy to equip students with the IT skills they need to support their learning and will be rolled out to future year groups as part of the induction process. 

When will my child get the device?

It is anticipated that the devices will then be distributed in school on a rolling programme in the weeks after October half term 2021.  All pupils will have the same device.   

How will my child be supported to learn about the device and Office 365 Apps?

We shall begin their introduction to LGGS e-learning in school, prior to them receiving their device.  We shall take them through the set-up process in Computing lessons as we roll them out after October half term.  We also see this as an opportunity for interested pupils to become LGGS student digital leaders    

DEVICES IN THE CLASSROOMS:  How is the curriculum being adjusted for this technology? 

Your child will continue to experience a full range of subjects to ensure they have a broad and balanced curriculum.  The curriculum has been adapted slightly in Computing for Year 7 in the first half term to build your child’s digital literacy and fluency in the online systems and Apps. Where possible all subjects will utilise the same main Apps but we anticipate individual subjects may use other online tools or Apps to meet the needs of the pupils.  Teachers are keen to be able to provide enhanced accurate formative assessment and timely personalised feedback – this will then identify if the lesson needs to be redirected or if support or more challenge is needed. 

How are teachers being supported to adapt to the 1:1 environment? 

Our teachers became skilled in the use of digital technology during lockdown. Our training programme for teachers around the use of digital technology to assist learning began in the last academic year, and our staff have become skilled in many of the tools a 1:1 classroom can offer. At LGGS we have a Teacher Edtech Development group who are taking a lead on training in school, and we continue to receive support from our Edtech Demonstrator Programme School - Skipton Girls’ High School. 

Will the devices be used in all lessons in all subjects? 

It is important to recognise that we do not believe that digital devices will replace the teaching that takes place in our school or remove the need for pen and paper, but we believe that planned use can enhance what we already do. Clearly this is a major part of our ICT provision by making more accessible use of technology across all subjects. Our vision is for students and teachers to use technology in a blended learning environment, complementing existing teaching styles by using devices to deepen and extend student’s learning experiences. 

Can my child bring their own device? 

The devices offered through the scheme would be school managed devices and part of our mobile device management network.  Only those people with an LGGS email account can log onto this device and it remains school managed whilst at home.  Anti-virus protection is cloud based and includes the basic web filtering, you  would expect from an educational device while being used in the school; we are only allowed to put this on school managed devices.  Likewise the school and educational licensing products can only be put on school managed devices.  As such, all required applications and software are pre-installed and updated regularly ensuring that our learners always have the tools that they would need to support their learning. 

If a pupil brought in their own device, it would not meet our IT security requirements and so would be a potential security risk. This device would have to be isolated, thus, the educational and collaboration intentions for the use of these devices would not be able to be met for that pupil. 

The complexities of connecting many different types of devices to the network, and of trying to make sure that the IT support staff understand the different specifications of different devices, means that we have chosen to implement a consistent device.  We want every child to be able to connect quickly to the network, to get help and a spare device if theirs has an issue.  We want to make sure that learning is not interrupted by technology barriers.  Furthermore, it is very hard for teachers to plan lessons if they don’t know what devices and Apps they will have at their disposal.  We expect teachers to know the abilities of students and be able to provide suitable learning challenges for them.  They must know what digital tools are at their disposal and they also need to be able to teach students to use these tools.  It would be impossible for teachers to do this if there was a complete variety in the classroom. 

SPECIFICATION, PURCHASE & CARE: Which device has been chosen and why? 

Looked after well, we believe this device has the potential to last your child throughout their time at LGGS, and removes the need to buy a newer model in 3 years’ time, as happens at some other schools.   

The device we have selected is priced for the education market.  The equivalent device on the open market is the HP ProBook x360 435 G8 Notebook PC.  At the time of writing the retail price for this is £875.  The package that we have negotiated includes not only the laptop, but a case, digital pen and the three-year warranty which ensures that a student will always have access to a loan device or replacement if their own device is damaged or stolen.  The cash price to parents of this deal through school is significantly lower than would be available to individuals. 

This laptop has been carefully selected, in consultation with our IT team and our teaching staff, to be one which is physically robust as well as having the technical specifications needed to future-proof the device.  We think that the ability to use the device as a traditional laptop, and with the convertible touchscreen, offers flexibility and features not available with a standard laptop. 

This is a device that can be used in standard laptop form with a keyboard or used as a tablet with a touchscreen for finger or stylus.  Due to the multi-form factor of the device, it easily flips and folds to suit your child’s learning.  Your child can learn in a way they prefer for each subject by typing, touching, writing, capturing, drawing and reading all on the same device.  It is a sleek, yet rugged device.     

What is the cost and payment options?

In partnership with Freedom Tech, we have negotiated a programme to provide a device for every Year 7 pupil.  There will be a range of payment terms available, for example 36 months, 24 months, 12 months or outright purchase. The first payments would begin on 25th October 2021. 

The school’s purchasing power means that we have obtained advice, plus support package, much more cheaply than would be possible for an individual parent.  While we hope that many families will want to take part in the scheme, it is not compulsory.  For any family who opt out of the scheme, we will provide a device for use within the school day for students so that these students are not disadvantaged in lesson time.  We would not wish any student to be excluded from the scheme on the grounds of cost.  For students in receipt of the Pupil Premium, financial support will be made available to make a significant subsidy to the cost of the 1:1 device scheme.  This is supported by the pupil premium grant that the Government awards to schools.  We can also offer some support for families who wish their child to benefit but may struggle to pay full costs. 

Full payment details are on the Ordeing Portal 

What is included and who pays for the Apps?

The laptop comes included with a range of Microsoft applications that your child would need for learning in school and beyond.  The device is a Windows 10 device with critical security software – anti-virus, firewall & Internet filtering.  Your child will also have access to the full Microsoft Office 365 (O365) suite paid for by the school, with the essential applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Teams just to name four.  We have access to much more software both installed and hosted on the web that your child will use for their learning. 

Importantly, all this software will be centrally managed to ensure it is all kept up to date with the latest security updates and releases.  Making sure to minimise any distractions or loss of learning time. 

Who will own the device? 

On your final payment the device becomes yours.  When you child leaves the school, we will transfer the management of the device to you so please be aware that the software will no longer be updated and the Internet no longer filtered by us. 

How will the device be security marked?  

The device will have a school asset number to allow us to manage the stock of devices and to ensure we know which device your child is using.  In addition, it will be digitally marked to ensure the device cannot be used if it is lost or stolen. 

To help ensure your child knows which device is theirs, we will be creating a label to go on the device where they will be able to put their name to help with day-to-day identification in school. 

Will there be any credit checks?  

No everyone is approved and there aren’t any credit checks. 

What if I decide not to take part in the scheme? 

Please get in touch with us so you can opt out and we can prepare a loan device for your child to use in school. 

MANAGING THE USE OF DEVICES IN SCHOOL OR AT HOME: How will student usage be managed? 

To use the device, your child will need a school username and password to be able to log on to the device.  They won’t be able to access the device without a LGGS username and password.  The device will automatically connect to the school network when onsite and ‘check-in’ with the management server to ensure it is updated and secure.  In class, teachers will be able to monitor what programs your child has open and will be able to remotely lock the device if there is a need.  As well as this, our IT team will be able to access the devices (but not your child’s data) if needed. 

Students sign an ICT Acceptable Use Policy, which is countersigned by parents and instances of inappropriate behaviour when using the devices will be dealt with in much the same way as inappropriate behaviour of any other kind, according to the School’s sanctions. 

How will data be backed up? 

All your child’s documents will be stored in the cloud using their Microsoft subscription.  Their documents will be stored in OneDrive and any submitted assignments in Microsoft Teams.  Not only does this ensure a document is saved whenever they edit it (if you have Internet access) but also means they can access their documents and learning from any device. 

What about online safety?  

In school, any internet activity is logged and filtered.  This is a legal requirement for a school to provide a safe and secure learning environment.  To ensure the safety and security of their device your child will not be able to download any age-inappropriate material, access non-learning related websites, nor will they be able to install any third-party software downloaded from the internet.  

At home, your child’s device will have basic web filtering and parents will be still be responsible for their home filtering. 

What happens if student forgets to charge the device at home? 

Your child will be expected to bring their device in fully charged each day. However, we understand that there may be circumstances that mean this is not possible. The battery is rated for over 16 hours, so with normal usage throughout the day they will sometimes only need to top up charge. There will also be one or two plugs in each classroom specifically marked as charge points. 

What happens if student forgets their device? 

Your child is expected to bring their device fully charged each day.  However, we understand that there may be circumstances that mean this is not possible.  We aim to be able to lend them a device for the day in school.  We very much hope that your child will quickly get into the habit of bringing it in each day.  

Can they use the device at home?

Yes, the student can use the device to further enhance their learning and we recommend that you set your security setting on your Wi-Fi accordingly. 

Do I need wifi at home? 

To access their documents on the cloud or access their learning in Microsoft Teams, they will need access to the Internet.  Your child may be able to complete some of their learning at home without Internet, but it is recommended that they do have Internet access to ensure the best learning experience and enable them to complete learning when they want to. 

How can I ensure that my child does not use the device inappropriately at home? 

The devices supplied are designed for learning and, as such, will not have any non-learning related software installed on them.  They will of course have access to the Internet through a web browser and will there will be basic web filtering.  Parents should also utilise home filtering whilst at home, but this does not mean the device has to always be used for learning. 

As part of the device agreement you will sign as a parent, it is recommended that you will set expectations with your child about appropriate usage of the device.  As per our guidance, we would advise children to be using a device in open and visible parts of the house only, not bedrooms, where a guardian can monitor what they are doing.  Certainly not using the device on a bed or in a bedroom with a closed door.  We also advise establishing a routine where the device is checked by parents frequently. 

Can my child put their own personal content on the device? 

The device is provided for their learning and to ensure they can take their learning with them.  Your child will be able to download documents to the device and open/edit these – we know that sometimes these won’t always be school documents.  If any of this is inappropriate content or interferes with their learning, it is expected that it is removed from the device.  Remember that all your child’s documents are stored in the cloud and a record of usage may be accessed in certain circumstances. 

They will not be able to install their own applications such as games or offline streaming applications. 

Can students print from the device? 

It is anticipated as your child’s learning becomes more and more digital this will reduce the need to print.  If they need to, they will only be able to print at school using the school printers connected to a school device. 

Safety and security 

What precautions can we take to minimise the chance of the loss and/or damage to the device? 

While students must learn to bear a large portion of the responsibility and look after their  device, we recommend that all devices should be kept in the notebook case for carrying and when not required for lessons.  This will be especially important at lunchtime, when bags might be put on the floor.  Personal lockers shall be provided in the form room and your child will be able to lock the device in there when not in use, eg at lunchtime. 

We will be talking to the students about ‘bag behaviour’ and taking more care of it than they otherwise might. 

What if my child’s device breaks? 

We will be running a device swap-out scheme that will allow students to be able to swap their devices if it is broken or has a software problem.  As all the documents will be saved to the cloud, all they need to do is sign into the new device with their username and this will synchronise with the cloud to pull the documents down.  We will be monitoring the usage of this and consistent damage to a device may result in a cost to repair the device. 

Will my child be less safe carrying a device to school? 

As you are aware many schools have successful programmes where pupils carry devices to school, which have been running for many years.  Many students currently carry valuable smart phones to school and are not under threat because of this.  We would recommend that students follow the same sensible precautions for personal safety as they would do at any other time.  As part of our induction to LGGS, we cover personal safety, which focusses on safer travel to and from school.  We shall be revisiting this when the devices are handed out to the pupils. 

Who is responsible if another child damages my child’s device? 

Individual students are responsible for their own devices and should ensure that they always take care of them.  The normal disciplinary procedures apply in the event of damage to another student’s property. 

ADDITIONAL QUESTIONS: What if we have other questions which are not covered here, or we don’t want to take part? 

If after reading through all the details which explain what we are doing and why we are doing it, you have any further queries or concerns, please contact: Jane Mason School Business Manager 

Will students be able to use devices outside of lessons? 

Yes – students can use devices, at break and lunch, and after school to do work on their devices.  

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