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Sixth Form Agreement

To achieve the school aims there is a need for an effective partnership between the student, their parents and the school.

The School Agrees


  • To provide a high standard of teaching and learning experiences for all students
  • To provide good quality pastoral support for all students
  • To work closely with parents through information evenings, parents’ evenings and interviews by appointment
  • To report on students’ progress at least once a year
  • To monitor student performance against their target grades, proving subject support and intervention as necessary
  • To provide high quality feedback which enables students to make good progress
  • To provide appropriate leadership and extra-curricular activities
  • To advise and guide the student in choosing higher education and career opportunities.

The Student Agrees

  • To devote a significant amount of time each week to independent study. This will include consolidation of work done in class and wider reading or research.
  • For example, at least 5 hours independent study should be devoted to each single advanced level subject per week
  • To have a 100% attendance record at lessons unless prevented from doing so due to medical reasons, injury or other reason agreed by the school in advance.
  • To have a 100% attendance at registration unless for reasons cited above.
  • To have 100% punctuality.
  • To meet all deadlines for work.
  • To make productive use of private study time.
  • To restrict the amount of paid employment during term time to no more than 10 hours a week outside of the school day.
  • To arrange medical and dental appointments and driving lessons outside of school time.
  • To involve themselves in the life of the school, accept responsibility and the make use of opportunities to develop leadership skills.
  • To comply with the guidance in the Sixth Form handbook including school policies on Sixth Form dress code and leaving the school site.
  • To respect school property, pay a resources deposit of £10 and make sure they have access to the resources they need for their course

The Parent / Carer Agrees

  • To work in partnership with the school in ensuring that the student achieves her potential.
  • To avoid taking the student out of school during term time, unless it is unavoidable or in exceptional circumstances, and to provide at least one month’s advanced notice of any unavoidable absences.
  • To email or telephone in the case of student absence as instructed in the Sixth Form Attendance Policy.

The Referral System

The vast majority of students at LGGS take responsibility for their own learning and are able to organise their work as well as contributing fully to school life. On rare occasions, where students do not meet expectations, the referral system outlined below is used.

1. Where any of the normal strategies outlined above have not resulted in an improvement in a student’s progress or attitude to learning within a determined time limit, there will be a formal interview and recorded verbal warning with the Head of Year. The verbal warning is recorded in the student’s file and a letter sent home.

2. It is very rare but occasionally a more formal interview will take place with the Assistant Headteacher (Sixth Form) at which parents will be represented, and a written warning will be issued. The written warning is recorded in the student’s file.

3. In the case of serious misconduct or if a student fails to meet the targets set in the written warning, then a final written warning will normally be issued by the Assistant Headteacher. Only one Final Warning can be issued whilst a student is at LGGS. An interview is held to discuss the necessary changes that are to be made by the student with parents. When a student fails to meet the terms of a Final Warning, the Assistant Headteacher will offer the student the opportunity to leave LGGS voluntarily, or recommend permanent exclusion to the Headteacher.

It is understood that the failure to keep this agreement may result in the student being withdrawn from examinations, for which the school should be reimbursed. The student may also be asked to leave school before the completion of the course.

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