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Sixth Form Leadership Team

Head Girl 2022-2023

The Sixth Form Student Leadership Team comprises of Head Student, Deputy Head Students, Assistants and the Games and House Officials.

Head Student: Frances Archer 

Deputy Head Students
Deputy Head Student (Wellbeing): Adeola Adegunwa 
Deputy Head Student (Academic): Rozalind Pollard 
Deputy Head Student (Equality): Tirtha Desai 

Assistant Head Students
Assistant Head Student (Sixth Form Council): Erica Pollard 
Assistant Head Student (Charities & Events) Roseanna Sharples and Daisy Hodges 
Assistant Head Student (Transition): Emily Armstrong and Rebecca Jacob 

Games Officials
Sports Captain: Fay Bird
Deputy Sports Captain: Hannah Giles
Assistant Sports Captain (Coaching and Mentoring): Poppy Sugden
Assistant Sports Captain (PE Council): Abi Fisher
Sixth Form Sports Team Leaders 
Year 7 and 8 Ambassadors: Lauren Airey and Hannah Austin KS3
Pupil Voice: Sumayya Yaseen
Gymnastic and Dance Captains: Grace Ip and Scarlett Harper
Football Captain: Maisie Coates
Netball Captain: Niamh Callan

House Officials

House Captain: Ria Prasad
Deputies: Angi Chen, Radhika Agrawal and Eleanor Helm
Sports Captain: Amy-Jane Hodgson
Charity Leader: Lakshmi Binu

House Captain: Anna Bousfield
Deputies: Blythe Holmes and Aru Chavali
Sports Captain: Lily O'Sullivan
Deputy Sports: Captain Olivia Hanson
House Charity: Lead Momina Akmal
House Charity Deputy: Matilda Capper

House Captain: Florence Carter
Deputies: Manahil Malik, Heba Sultan, Khushi Parikh and Zoe Naylor
Sports Captain: Kate Armer
Deputy Sports: Captains Kate Broadbent & Jess Loxam
Charity Team:Ruby Gibbie, Rosa Piacentini-Kemp and Anna Eastham

House Captain: Niena Nisanth
Deputies: Kairavi Kumar and Charlotte Cassidy
Sports Captain: Lucy Hayashi
Deputy Sports: Captains Esme Parker and Laura Feruzi
Charity Team: Anna Putland, Evie Scanlon and Shivangi Batra



Year 7 Mentors: Abigail Morse and Nabihah Absar
Year 8 Mentors: Laura Hacking and Ria Herlekar
Year 9 Mentor Lily: Blach-Davies
Key Stage 3 House participation co-ordinator: Maria Reji

House colours

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