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Information for Students and staff

Printing and Photocopying (updated 30/08/2022)

We are changing the way we print in school and from home. The following Konicas will be fitted with a card reader, which will read your lunch card. On first use, you will need to put your network username and password into the Konica. This will then link the card to your account.

This system is currently installed on the following photocopiers:

Staffroom Konica, Art Konica, Technology Konica, Library Konica, Green Room Konica and  J Block Konica

Printing in school on a school network device (e.g. whiteboard host, office PC)

Staff only - You will no longer be required to input a department code when printing in the staffroom. The system will automatically link the job to your account, which you can access with your username/password using the following link: PaperCut Login for Lancaster Girls' Grammar School

Printing from a One to One device (in school or at home)

On your one to one device you will see:

Mono Print (LGGS-PRINT) Mobility

Colour Print (LGGS-PRINT) Mobility

The first time you send a print job to one of these you will need to log in using your Network Username and Password, your laptop will remember this so you don’t have to log in each time you want to print. This print job will be queued ready for when you want to release it.

When you go to any of the listed Konica Photocopiers in school you can scan your lunch card and release your print job. Print jobs are held for 24 hours, or until printed.

Photocopying and scanning

When you want to photocopy using one of the listed Konica Photocopiers, simply scan your lunch card and away you go. All other Konicas will require your usual department code, for now.

Scans will be emailed to the address you specify (by default your own, but you could email the scan to a team or group too).

We will have guidance on the staff and student IT guide pages soon.


The new printing system will automatically set itself up in the background. If it's the first time you have used your one-to-one device, this might take a few minutes. You will know when the system is ready when you see the Colour/Mono printers listed above.

If you do not see the printers after a day or two, click this link and click "Connect and get my printers."

Timetables and Outlook calendar

From September, your class timetable for academic year 2022/23 will show in your Outlook calendar. This applies to both Teachers and Students.


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