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Induction Pack

Please find below videos and information to help you settle into Sixth Form Life at LGGS

1 Induction Day: Essential Information

2 LGGS Sixth Form 2021 - A Quick Guide

3 A day in the LGGS

4 LGGS Events and Traditions

5 Buddy System

6 All About EPQ

7 Future Learn and Volunteering

8 Subject Requirements for September in Year 12

Subject Requirements for the start of the course Details / links / things you may need later on
ART None

At the beginning of the course we put together a pack for each student, this costs £35 and lasts for the whole course. You get an equipment pack with paintbrushes, books, paint, pens etc. This cost also subsidises printing costs and pays for the MDF boards / specialist paper you will need for your final pieces. You will only pay for one more book in Year 13.













White lab coat - Link is a suggestion only, it doesn't have to be that particular lab coat.
 Scientific calculator - Link is a suggestion only, it doesn't have to be that particular calculator.

Later on:

In September we offer the option to purchase the course textbook through school. We are usually able to purchase new textbooks at a discounted price, though second-hand textbooks are available online. It is also available on Kindle.

AQA Biology: A Level: September 2015 (AQA A Level Sciences 2014), ISBN-10:‎0198351771, ISBN-13:‎978-0198351771:  Textbook

















At the start of the course:

Oxford AQA A-level Chemistry text book:  Textbook

We usually sell these through the department, you can purchase one in the first few days of your course.


Not essential, but we would recommend students purchase the Oxford AQA textbook and/or workbook:  Textbook / workbook

Dracula - Bram Stoker

The Bloody Chamber - Angela Carter
A Doll's House - Henrik Ibsen
Notebook for a reading diary

Later in the course - 'A Streetcar Named Desire', 'Hamlet', plus two more texts to be confirmed.

We provide copies of the textbook but there is also the option to purchase the ebook version.  In Year 13 we provide copies of the two novels and their translations. Some pupils like to be able to annotate their copy, in which case we recommend purchasing their own copy:

No et Moi

Un Secret

Optional study guides and DVD film versions of the two novels are also possible but are not essential.

GEOGRAPHY Textbook. AQA A-level Geography (Fourth Edition) by Skinner, Abbiss, Banks, Fyfe and Whittaker.  Published by Hodder. ISBN 978-1-4718-5869-7. No specific materials beyond normal equipment for school - calculator etc., but there will be voluntary costs associated with fieldtrips - costs vary depending on location of visit, but should budget total of £50 in first instance.

Copy of "Andorra" by Max Frisch in English

copy of or access to film "Das Leben der Anderen"




CASIO FX-991EX Advanced Engineering/Scientific Calculator (UK VERSION)

It is also useful to have a tablet or laptop for viewing the online textbook in lessons, although some students do use their phones for this

We provide the online textbook access free of charge but some students do choose to buy the books themselves.

We also have a small stock of Further Maths textbooks which we are able to lend to students studying Further Maths.

Casio FX-991EX-Classwiz-Calculator


Pure Maths Textbook Y1

Maths Applications Textbook Year 1

Two things:

Music Study Guide

Symphony No 104 in D Major Hob I 104: 'London' Miniature Score
PHYSICS Any scientific calculator - the types used at GCSE are fine.  
PSYCHOLOGY None Some students buy revision guides but this is optional.

RS students will need to purchase the text book: Oxford A Level Religious Studies for OCR: AS and Year 1 Student Book: Christianity, Philosophy and Ethics by Ahluwalia and Bowie. Copies can be found much cheaper second hand!



Nothing required, although there is the option to buy the digital version of the text book, but we provide a paper copy.

At the start of y13, it is recommend you buy the novel (around £8.99) but we have spares to lend students if they are happy to not write in them.
THEATRE STUDIES A copy of eachNone set text: Antigone by Sophocles & Yerma by Lorca. Best to purchase on Amazon.  

Please buy these specific versions:

1) Antigone (The Three Theban Plays, translated by

Robert Fagles, Penguin, 1984, ISBN: 0140444254)

Subject Requirements

9 Current Year 12: Why is LGGS the right choice for you?

10 Music Tuition Form

11 Data Form - for students new to LGGS


Ensuring we have essential information ready for when you start in September.
To be completed by Thursday 1st July

Data Form


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