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Uniform and Appearance of Year 7

Uniform and Appearance Code

Cost of Uniform
We want to ensure that the cost of the uniform does not deter any pupil from applying to the school.
The uniform suppliers, costs and quality have been reviewed to ensure the best value.
Many of the items can be bought on the high street. We operate a recycled uniform shop where parents can buy donated items of uniform. Pupils in receipt of Pupil Premium may apply to have the costs of their uniform reimbursed.

Enforcement of Uniform
Parents have a responsibility to ensure that their daughter comes to school in the correct uniform. 
All staff have a responsibility for ensuring that students are correctly dressed in class and elsewhere in school.
For uniform and appearance infringements, pupils are given penalty points and may be placed in a lunchtime or after-school detention. Items may also be confiscated and parents contacted to collect them.

Appearance Code
Earrings are not allowed.  Plasters over earrings are not acceptable.  No nose studs or any type of body piercing is permitted.  Piercings of the ear’s cartilages should not be carried out as these take a long period to heal.  If any pupils wish to have their ears pierced they should do so at the beginning of the Summer break, so that there is no need for earrings to be worn in school time  If a pupil is unable to take out their earrings or piercing, they will be placed in lunchtime detentions or the weekly after school detentions.
Make-up is not allowed at Key Stage 3.  At Key Stage 4, a small amount of discreet make-up is permitted, (pupils will be asked to wash off any excessive make-up when in school).
No jewellery is allowed. False nails are not allowed.
Faces should be uncovered. Head scarves should be plain and in navy, black or white.

Hair should be tidy and of one natural tone. Pupils with long hair should have their hair tied back in the interests of hygiene and safety.  Any hair ribbons, slides, must be in school colours (navy and maroon), or black or white, plain, without patterns.

Uniform Code
Regulation items should be purchased from:
The Uniform & Leisurewear Company, 15 Common Garden Street, Lancaster, LA1 1XD. 
Tel – 01524 388355 x 227. 
Website:  Email:

  • Regulation school skirt – Navy skirt Banner 3540 - available from The Uniform & Leisurewear Company. The skirt should not be too short - no more than six cm above the knee when kneeling. (In practice this means that the hem is touching the top of the knee cap when standing).
  • Regulation navy blue, v-neck pullover embroidered with the school crest for Years 7 to 9. A maroon, v-neck pullover embroidered with the school crest for Years 10 and 11.
  • Regulation school tie.
  • Optional navy, slim leg trousers.  Only the David Luke DL965 style are acceptable.
  • White, long-sleeved blouse of a simple shirt pattern.  Shirts must be tucked in and fastened at the neck and wrists.
  • Optional white short-sleeved or ¾ length sleeve, fitted, open neck, summer shirt - which can be worn from Easter to October half term.
  • Plain fawn, white, grey, navy, black or dark maroon tights or socks.  Socks should be below the knee.
  • Any outdoor coats or jackets should be plain (denim, suede and leather coats are not allowed).
  • The only hoodie which may be worn is the school branded hoodie - which may be worn instead of a coat.
  • Flat-heeled strongly supporting shoes, plain black. No boots, trainers or ballet-type shoes.

Uniform must be worn by all pupils in Years 7-11 while on school premises and travelling to and from school.  Coats and scarves must be removed once in school.

All items of uniform must be clearly marked with the owner’s name.

Laboratory Equipment
A white cotton lab coat.

Physical Education Equipment
All pupils must have a PE bag, suitable for carrying PE kit to the field, which ideally can also be stored in their locker.

  • Plain, black, above the knee cycling shorts or plain, black sports shorts.  Plain, black, sports leggings or LGGS black sports leggings from The Uniform & Leisurewear Company, Lancaster.
  • Maroon games skort
  • Short, white sports socks
  • Knee-length navy hockey/football socks
  • Trainers - sports not fashion, with effective grip and support
  • Regulation white polo shirt with school crest
  • Dark blue, sports jumper – a school branded hoodie is available

In cold weather outdoors, pupils may wear tracksuit bottoms or leggings which must be blue or black in colour. These items are available from The Uniform & Leisurewear Company, Lancaster.

When playing hockey and football, shin guards are essential. Gum shields are advised for sports including hockey and lacrosse for health and safety.

Uniform List 2021

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