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Sixth Form Leadership Team

The Sixth Form Student Leadership Team comprises of the Head Girl, her Deputies, Assistants and the Games and House officials. (See list below)

Sixth Form Leadership Team 2018 19

'LGGS has an ethos like no other, every single girl here wants to be the very best they can be and are encouraged to support each other. We are all so excited to learn, ambitious and strive for the best. Therefore, we all continue to thrive off each other and the countless opportunities which come our way. The support system here at LGGS is also second to none, from Form tutors and heads of year, to pupil mentors and student led societies there is always a helping hand available whenever one is needed.'

Sixth Form Leadership Team 2018-2019

Head Girl  Ella Tasker
Deputy Head Girls  
Sixth Form Council Polly Haythornthwaite
Well-being Lucy Lupton
Representative to Governing Body  Grace Pollard
Assistant Head Girls  
Arts: Drama Bella Rushi
Arts: Music Felicity Shields
Charities and the Community Holly Wilson
Arundhati Wuppalapati
Transition Leaders    
  Callie Dodd
Connie McMahon
Eleanor Ward


Sixth Form Games Officials 2018-2019

Games Captain   
Saskia Rudge Thompson  
Deputy Games Captains  
Swimming Ambassador Aimee Banks
Health and Well-Being Ambassador Imogen Carter
Coaching and Mentoring Ambassador Hannah North
Netball Ambassador Imogen Royce
Athletics and Running Ambassador Daisy Hollister
Year 7 Sports Ambassador Eva Carroll and Esme Morgan
Sixth from Sports Ambassador Rebecca Cole

Sixth Form House Officials 2018-2019

The Student Leadership Team for Aalborg in 2018-2019 35           
House Captain Sophie Bodenham
Deputy House Captain Penny Beveridge
Games Captain Savannah Brickles
Charity Representative Phoebe Dickason
KS3 Mentors Year 7 Juliette Chandler
Meghan Clarke
KS3 Mentor Year 8 Meghna Nair
KS3 Mentor Year  9       Hannah Chapman
The Student Leadership Team for Lublin in 2018-2019
House Captain Charlotte Ryan
Deputy House Captain Daisy Wright
Games Captain Charlotte Rycroft
Charity Representatives Heather Hartley and Maddie Green
KS3 Mentors Year 7 Charlie Webster
Anna-Mae Richardson
KS3 Mentors Year 8  Emily Shakleton
Laura Walker
KS3 Mentor Year 9 Sara Seth
The student leadership team for Perpignan in 2018-2019 
House Captain h Jess Faircloug
Deputy House Captain Becca Harrison
Games Captain Emily Harrison and Hannah Gardner
Charity Representatives Heather Hartley
Maddie Green
KS3 Mentors Year 7 Hannah Pook
Nerissa Helme
KS3 Mentors Year 8 Sarah Dugdill
Anna Duckworth
KS3 Mentors Year 9 Millie Jones
Jasime Coulthurst
The student leadership team for Rendsburg in 2018-2019 
House Captain Rosie Mills
Deputy House Captain Clara Marwedel
Games Captain Georgina Harper
Charity Representative       Leila Mitchell
Maddie Whitaker
KS3 Mentors Year7 Qissy Mortimer and Isobel Russell
KS3 Mentors Year 8 Evie Mynott and Hannah Norfolk
KS3 Mentors Year 9 Nell Manson
Georgina McCulloch​
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