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Psychology at LGGS

Are you fascinated by people’s behaviour?  Have you ever asked yourself questions such as…

  • How does my memory work?
  • Are witnesses’ memories for crimes accurate?
  • How does my brain control my behaviour?
  • Do childhood experiences make me what I am today?
  • What is and what causes mental disorder?

If so then Psychology may be a good A-level choice for you.

What is Psychology?
Psychology is the scientific study of people: how they think, act, react and interact. It is concerned with all aspects of behaviour and the thoughts, feelings and motivations underlying such behaviour.

The A-level course
The course involves the study of a variety of psychological research.  Students become familiar with the methodology of scientific enquiry and problem solving; they also acquire high-order analytical and numeracy skills as well as becoming accomplished in communication through construction of coherent, well-reasoned argument. In these ways, students attain a broad set of skills which prepare them for higher education and a wide range of careers.

Future Careers
Psychology is compatible with both science and arts based subjects and the specification is interesting, engaging and applies to everyday issues.  Students who have taken the A-Level have successfully gained places for degrees in not only in Psychology but also Medicine, Law, Neuroscience, Physiology, Physiotherapy, Nursing, Business Studies, Health Studies and many more besides.

For films of inspirational female psychologists, please use the following link:

8 Inspirational Female Psychologists


Course Content
Social influence Memory
Attachment Psychopathology
Approaches in Psychology Biopsychology
Research Methods Issues and Debates in Psychology
Cognition and Development Schizophrenia
Forensic Psychology  

Three 2 hour papers, each worth 96 marks.

Paper 1 Topics in Psychology
Paper 2 Psychology in Context
Paper 3 Issues and Options in Psychology

A-level Exam Board: AQA Psychology: 
Specification 7182

If you require any further details, please contact:
Mr A Kimberley 

‘Psychology has given us the opportunity to combine an array of interests in a fun and interesting way whilst allowing us to learn things we never thought would be possible.’
Saskia and Morgan 

‘Memory has been my favourite topic because of the potential future application of our understanding of the effects of leading questions on eyewitness testimony.  I also really enjoyed looking at the brain and how it works.’

Useful Links
The British Psychology Society The British Psychological Society’s Research Digest 
The Australian Psychological Society  The New Zealand Psychological Society 
The Canadian Psychological Association  The American Psychological Association 



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Psychology A-level 15th Oct 2018 Download
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