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Performing Arts

Drama and Theatre Studies

Performing Arts consists of:
Drama and Theatre Studies and the Music Department

For more information about Performing Arts, please contact:
Mr Paul Swannell, Head of Performing Arts.

Drama and Theatre Studies

Drama at LGGS

We aim to ensure that every student we teach reaches their full academic and creative potential.

We operate an open access approach to the subject, so that no prior experience is required. We particularly welcome students with a genuine interest in and enthusiasm for the theatre. The courses have a strong academic component and are recognised as fully accredited GCSE and Advanced level subjects suitable for university entrance. We intend to enable students to work together as a team and as people who consider each other. We create opportunities for students to be personally and collectively creative and to develop genuine confidence. Our students experience a wide range of drama and theatre events at many venues and with practising professionals, acquiring a strong academic grounding in essentials of Drama & Theatre.

GCSE Exam Board - AQA Drama:
Specification 8261

GCE Exam Board - AQA Drama and Theatre Studies:
Specification 7262

Year 7 Overview

Year 8 Overview

Year 9 Overview

A-level Overview

If you require any further details, please contact:
Ms M Sheen, Head of Drama

Useful Links
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Lancashire Youth Dance Royal Shakespeare Company 
National Youth Theatre Shakespeare for Schools



The music curriculum at LGGS aims to help every girl fulfil her musical potential, irrespective of prior experience. From simply learning to sing in tune to preparing for a career in music (through GCSE and A-level music), the department aims to tap into the musical creativity of every child. 

We take great care to provide musical activities appropriate to the talent and ability of individual girls. Class lessons are designed to be practical and fun, yet challenging, enabling the beginner to learn quickly while the advanced player continues to be stretched. They learn through the three disciplines of:



and have the opportunity to use a variety of instruments such as keyboards, guitars and percussion as well as music technology.

There is a rich extra-curricular music life at LGGS and students have the opportunity to join choirs, bands and even a joint symphony orchestra with LRGS. Regular concerts and events take place throughout the year, including a choir tour to Germany and a European orchestra tour. At the end of the year, the now-legendary Music Festival brings all the girls together in several weeks of preparation, culminating in a day of performances and evening concert.

Learning Overviews for Music
Year 7 Year 8 Year 9

GCSE Exam Board - Edexcel Music:
Specification 1MU0

A-level Information about the course

If you require any further details , please contact:
Mr Paul Swannell, Head of Performing Arts / Music.


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Useful Links
BBC Bitesize Music For Youth
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