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Settling In and Making Friends


Dear New LGGS student,

Welcome to LGGS! You may be nervous, like I was, but you're going to love it here. The first few days are the most exciting, making new friends and exploring. You may think, what if no one is like me? What if I don't make friends? I have made some of the greatest friends here, and they are practically clones of me!

On my first day, I was dropped off outside the Centenary Hall, where we had to go, and I found the friends I had made on the Welcome Day. During the holiday, all I could think about was going to school, not surprisingly. We had the entire morning in our Form rooms, getting to know people and getting your planner, timetable and letters. At the end of the day, I had to go on the bus home, and I didn't know anyone else getting on it, and on the way down, I found some people in my Form going to catch the same bus as me. I even knew some people from other places, even preschool. Getting the bus feels strange at first, but it was very exciting, now it's practically every day. When I got home, I had never been so tired!
Over the first few months there are lots of opportunities, such as School Council, The Performing Arts Festival, International Week (that was my favourite, especially the food fair, so many doughnuts...), and Form Captain; I was lucky enough to get that first! There are many sports tournaments which you can get on by going to sports clubs. They range from table tennis to swimming.
When we got into Year 7, we were introduced to merits! (Yay)! You gain them through a range of different things and we got them quite regularly. You record them on your merit card which you get given on your first day, and then give it in at the end of term, and then at the end of the year you get a certificate!

When I started Year 7, some tips would've been helpful, so:
USE YOUR PLANNER MAP (it does come in handy)
2) GO TO BED EARLY (again, it is more helpful than you expect)
3) TRY TO GET MULTIPLE COPIES OF YOUR TIME TABLE (eg. In your locker, planner, etc.)
4) DON’T CARRY ALL YOUR BOOKS AROUND (put the ones you don't need in your locker)

In primary school, you only really had one classroom per year, and it is the equivalent of your Form room. You can go in there before school, after, lunch and break; and is very handy to keep books in and your PE kit. It is a good place to eat lunch and make friends, so don't worry anymore! (If you were).

My Year 7 has been awesome, I hope yours is too!
Year 7 Student


How to make friends

  • If you have a few friends and you want to make more, going to clubs can help a lot because you meet lots of new people.
  • Going to sports clubs helped me meet new people from other forms as did getting the bus and train to school.
  • Just try to go to lots of clubs because besides meeting new friends, you will get to know the people who run the club (e.g. sixth formers).
  • Find friends with similar interests to you.
  • Talk to people. Although it seems simple it’s the best solution. Then you can find more people who would like to go to the same club as you e.g. chess over tennis or netball over origami.
  • Joining extra-curricular activities can help you to meet new people. Pair up with different people for every activity.
  • Be yourself and chat to people.
  • Be yourself and don’t act how you are not.
  • Make yourself known for being kind and happy, so you are nice to be around also speak to different people and become friends with everyone in your Form along with other Forms.
  • Just be friendly to everyone you meet. You never know it could be your next best friend.

Homework at LGGS

  • Do it the night you get it. This way you can make sure you don’t miss any.
  • You may get a bit more homework than at primary school. Some of it you might find a bit difficult, but there are lots of people who can help.
  • Doing the homework the night you get it helps so that it doesn’t pile up.
  • I don’t like homework but it’s alright, we don’t get too much.
  • If you have any problems or are struggling with your homework just ask a friend or your teacher.
  • Homework takes 20 minutes max and follows lesson topics.
  • Some days you won’t get any but other days you will.
  • Write everything down in your Planner and tick it when you have done it, don’t leave it until the last minute.
  • Homework is a maximum of 20 minutes. It is never due in for the next day so you will have time to do it.
  • When you start in Year 7 there is not much homework but as you go along there is more.

How helpful are the staff?

  • The staff are very welcoming and they always make sure you are happy.
  • Our Form Tutor does a great job of explaining everything to us.
  • The staff have given us advice and been kind.
  • They have helped me when I have a problem.
  • They do Form time activities to help us make friends.
  • The Form Tutors are really nice and they help you make friends and join clubs. If you are lost ask any grown up and older pupils as they are helpful too.
  • Staff are welcoming and support you. They also encourage you.
  • They help you with any problems and are always by your side.
  • My Form Tutor and all my teachers have helped me settle in.

What advice do you have for Year 6 pupils?

  • Don’t worry, because there are a lot of people in the same situation as you.
  • Be who you are and don’t pretend to be someone else to impress people.
  • Talk to staff if you are feeling insecure about anything.
  • Try your best in everything you do.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for directions - everyone gets lost on their first day.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help.
  • Get help from your parents to begin with.
  • Everyone is really friendly!
  • If you have any friendship issues go to Mrs Adams, her office is next to the Dance Studio. Don’t be embarrassed because she is lovely.
  • Be organised, be happy, be yourself  :)
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